Can I make changes on brochures myself?

Yes! We offer backend access to all brochures and property sites. The backend can be accessed through the VMD portal. 

Link to video: Editing Brochure

Step 1: Click the ‘Edit Website’ dropdown menu and select ‘Brochures’

Step 2: Select the brochure to edit. Select which page you’d like to edit first. 

Changing/Editing Photos: Click on the photo you’d like to edit and the image options box will appear on the left. Click ‘Change Image’ to select a new image from the gallery. To crop or reposition the image, select ‘Crop & Size Image’. 

Editing Text: Click on the text box you’d like to edit. The text options box will appear on the left. You will then be able to change the font style, font size, letter spacing, line height, etc. 

Step 3: Select save at the top of the page to save your changes. 

It is important to download your edited brochure directly to your computer from the property site backend. These changes will not sync to your Dropbox folder.