Our inclement weather policy

Due to the distances that our photographers travel, we do not offer complimentary reshoots. You have up to 24 hours before your appointment to reschedule without any rebooking/cancelation fees. To help you make an informed decision about whether or not to reschedule your appointment, VMD will send an automated email 48 hours prior to your appointment which includes a link to the weather forecast for that area. While we will not automatically cancel your shoot due to inclement weather, we have listed some guidelines below for rebooking.

When to reschedule:

- Forecast is for heavy rain during your shoot

- Forecast is for ANY precipitation during an aerial photography shoot

- Fog is forecasted (it is very difficult to place a "natural" blue sky in the exterior photo when it is foggy out)

- Rain is forecasted and your property has dark features and decor

- Snow is forecasted (we shoot in multiple exposures and the snow could cause the exteriors to look "spotty" and not ideal)

Photos should be okay:

- Cloudy/overcast day with no precipitation in the forecast - this is the best time to shoot! Lighting is ideal and we can always add blue skies as an enhancement.

Important: VMD will reschedule a shoot if the weather is deemed "unsafe" for our field operators to travel to your listing. Rebooking/cancelation fees will be waived during these circumstances.