Adjusting Photo Gallery

Link to video: Adjusting photo gallery


Please note: You will need to be logged into the backend editor of the Property Site in order to begin editing. If you need help logging in, please click here.


Step 1: Select 'Photo Gallery' from the 'Edit Website' dropdown menu located just under the property site URLs on the overview page


Step 2: You will now be able to upload any additional photos you've taken (such as seasonal photos), add captions to photos, and rearrange or hide photos within the gallery. Simply drag and drop to sort. The first image in the gallery will be the first image to appear in the slideshow video at the top of the property site when it's opened.


Step 3: To delete or hide photos from the gallery, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the photo and select 'hide from gallery' or 'delete image'. 


Step 4: Once you are finished making changes, click save at the top of the page.