Lead Collection & Publishing Your Site

Lead collection allows you to collect contact information of interested buyers who have visited your property site and are interested in more information. You will receive an email if someone has filled out the contact form on your property site. 

All of our property sites come with lead collection enabled with a timed intent of 15 seconds. Once the visitor is on the property site page for 15 seconds, a box will appear and ask for their contact information. If they don't want to provide their contact information, they can simply click the 'X' to close out of the box. They will remain viewing the property site. 

If you would like to edit/access this feature, please follow the steps below.


Please note: You will need to be logged into the backend editor of the Property Site in order to begin editing. If you need help logging in, please click here.


Step 1: Click 'Edit Website' and select "Lead Collection" from the dropdown menu


Step 2: Click 'Edit Settings' to disable or change the method and/or timing preference


Step 3: Click 'save' to confirm your selections