Matterport Tour Prep

It is important for your property to be "show-ready" when we arrive. Staging while we are on-site is not recommended and could cause unwanted items (or even yourself!) to be in your tour. 

Please make sure that you consider the following:

- Clutter is removed from countertops and shelves

- Personal items are removed (we can blur out faces of family photos on the tour)

- Beds are made and organized

- Toiletries are hidden in the bathrooms 

- Any unwanted items are removed from the main living spaces and tucked away in closets

For a full guide on how to prepare the home, please refer to our Home Sellers Photography Prep Guide.

Important: If you would like us to provide you with a floor plan from the Matterport tour, please allow our techs to have access to the unfinished spaces. We will need to scan unfinished spaces for the floor plans and then can delete them from the tour once we have finalized the plans. 

*Please review your tour as soon as you receive it from VMD. While your tour will be active for three (3) months, we can only store the tour on our iPads for one week. Any reshoot request would need to be done within that timeframe. Any reshoot requests outside of that timeframe would require us to scan the entire property again and would be subject to retail pricing (and not reshoot pricing).