Virtual Dusk Process & Turnaround Time


Once the daytime photos are processed and ready, our team will then select the best front photo typically a straight on view to use for the virtual dusk processing.  If a request for more than one photo is on the order, we typically include at least one front and one back view in the selection. 

A customer may request specific photos to be used for processing.  In this case, it can delay turnaround time and is best to let our team know the photo number(s) that should be processed.


Turnaround time:

Turnaround time for virtual dusk is completed the next business day after the scheduled appointment date. If ordered at a later date, the processed images are ready next business day from the date the service was requested.

Changes can be made and turnaround time can vary between same day or next business day depending on the requested edit. Graphics will advise the turnaround time in those situations.