Delivery and Turnaround Time

Brochure drafts will be delivered next business day after the appointment has taken place and the photos have been delivered. The draft will be delivered via email with a Dropbox link to the materials.

  • Example: photos taken on Monday, brochure draft (just photos) is delivered on Tuesday. 

The draft will include the initial set up of photos, property address, contact information, logos and headshots. 

It is important to know that our copywriters need to use the photos and information you provide in the form in order to write the copy.  Brochure copy is delivered after we have taken the photos and delivered them. 

Once we have the completed property information form, the brochure copy is delivered the following business day after the draft. This makes it a 2 business day turnaround from the appointment date to receive the completed brochure with both photos and copy included. 

  • Example: photos taken on Monday, brochure draft (just photos) is delivered Tuesday, brochure draft (with photos and copy) is delivered by Wednesday.

Any property forms received at a later date after the set up has been completed will be ready the following business day.

Additionally, any edits done by VMD are typically completed within the same business day.  Some edits may take longer to complete and the graphics team will advise turnaround times in those situations.


For questions regarding the brochure workflow and process, check out our brochure workflow and process FAQ.