Editing Interactive Floor Plans

Link to video: Editing interactive floor plans


Please note: You will need to be logged into the backend editor of the Property Site in order to begin editing. If you need help logging in, please click here.


Step 1: Select 'Docs & Floorplans' from the 'Edit Website' dropdown menu located just under the property site URLs on the overview page 


Step 2: At the top of the page, select Floor Plans. In order to change the location of the photos or change which photos are used in the interactive floor plans, you will need to click 'Add Hotspots' on this page. 



Editing Hotspots: 


  • Simply drag & drop the green hotspots to move them to another location on the floor plan page. 

You can also add text to hotspot photos by clicking 'edit' in the description of the photo you'd like to add text to. This text will appear when someone hovers over the hotspot as they are viewing the floor plans on your property website. 



  • To change the photos being used with the hotspots, click the blue box titled 'Add Hotspot'. The photos already being used in the interactive floor plans will appear red and be marked 'used'. 



  • To delete a hotspot, click on the green hotspot and then the trash can icon that appears once that photo is selected. Now that hotspot have been removed and the photo will no longer appear on the interactive floor plans. 



  • To add a hotspot, select the photo you would like to place on the floor plans and drag it over to the correct area. Drop the image into the floor plan and your new hotspot is now reflected on the interactive floor plans. 



  • After you've made your edits, click save at the top of the page.