Framed Renderings Process & Turnaround Time

This service is perfect for when you have a new construction or renovated listing and want to showcase the property but all you have are studs.  Framed renderings are processed using photos to show what the space will look like once construction and furnishings are completed. 

If you do not have photos of the property, we can schedule an appointment with a photographer to photograph the home in its construction phase in order to process the renderings. 

For a home that has not yet been constructed, we do offer renderings using floor/elevation plans.  For more information, please review our FAQs regarding "Renderings Process & Turnaround Time". 



The process starts with the customer selecting the photo and/or name of the photo(s) to use for the project and discussing with our graphics team all details specific to the image(s).  The more details our processing team has from the beginning, the better we are able to render the spaces and cut down on any delays or revisions after the initial rendering is completed.


After the details are discussed, our graphics team will then review the information given and provide the client with a more exact quote to the project.  A confirmation from the client is needed to start the initial rendering.


It is also required to have any floor/elevation plans and/or builder’s plans as a guide for our processing team.  It is also best to send our team any reference photos of design concepts and/or furnishing styles.


Turnaround Time: 

Turnaround time for the initial rendering is between 3-5 business days.  Any changes can take between 1-2 business days.