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The FIVE reasons why you should ALWAYS get professional photography for your listings.

Post by Daniel Morris | Date: 15-09-2022

The FIVE reasons why you should ALWAYS get professional photography for your listings.

Getting professional photography has now become the norm. But why is that? We look into why professional photography matters for all of your listings. From social media to branching into new markets, professional photography is - and should be - part of every realtor’s marketing plan. 

Content for your social media marketing

In order to grow your audience on social media you need to be consistent with your content. You need to develop a cadence on your social media platforms. One way to speak to your audience is to show them your process in marketing a home - give them a preview of what it would be like to work with you. Here, you are accomplishing multiple tasks with one action - marketing a home AND your brand. 

Have your photographer take photos of you at your listing while you are in your element - staging, consulting, and directing your team. Then, use that content for your social media platform. You could also take your listing photos and repurpose them into a “Coming Soon” ad. Post a “sneak peak” on your social media page for your audience to see. Show them how active you are as an agent and how you market a property. 

Coming up with valuable content can be difficult. Utilizing your listing photos and sales process for content is a win-win for both your sellers and your brand. 

Selling the block

Almost every realtor has some form of this slogan on their email signature: The best compliment I can receive is a referral. Why is that? Because a lot of business you generate is from your sphere - your network. One of the best ways to build your network within a neighborhood is to have a strong online presence. Why not leverage the top real estate platforms like Zillow and Trulia to your advantage. Potential sellers are no longer visiting open houses like they used to…they’re looking at their neighbors house online. 

What about after the sale? What if you sold that house for $50k over ask? You need to get that message out with Just Sold postcards to everyone in the neighborhood. Stay top of mind with everyone in that neighborhood. Most marketing efforts don’t close you deals the first time. Did you ever hear of The Marketing Rule of 7? Prospects need to “hear” your message at least seven times before they take action. Use your listing photography to send a message months after you first listed that home. 

Dress for the job you want

Today’s seller is savvy and they want to know how you are going to market their home. Sellers are demanding and they want their homes to show as well - if not better - than their neighbors. They are going to ask you if you are knowledgable in their market and in their price range. A great way to close the deal and get them to sign a listing agreement is to showcase how you have marketed a similar home. Show them that you are up to the job and have the resources to market their property better than any other realtor in your area.

In situations where you want to step up in price bracket and sell luxury listings, utilize real estate marketing companies that have an existing portfolio of high end homes (like us!). You can leverage your relationship with these companies to help you with your presentation. Use the portfolio to show homeowners that you have a higher standard than most when marketing a listing. 

Buyers are looking online now more than ever

The top four most popular real estate search engines generate approximately ninety seven MILLION unique visitors per month….PER MONTH! Today’s buyer wants a turn-key property, they are going to be attracted to listings that have professional photography. Even if your home is well-staged, it still may not show well if your photos are dark and not taken with a wide-angle lens. According to RedFin, homes priced in the $400,000 range sell three weeks faster - and for more money - with professional photography than amateur photographs. Professional photographs have a positive effect on realtors. 

Search engines today have powerful email marketing tools. They save user’s search settings and will email them with new listings in their market and price range. This keeps buyers engaged on their platform and engaged with your content. 

You’re a realtor, right? 

We’ve established how important professional photography is to your business - both in obtaining listings and marketing your brand. With that being said, why would you attempt to take photos yourself? When going on a listing appointment, do you think the homeowner is wondering how good of a photographer you are? NO! They just want professional photos! Stay in your lane…you know how to sell real estate and you are a marketing expert. Successful people know how to delegate. You should delegate all of your photography and videography content to the experts. 

Part of your process should be your resources - it is one of a realtor’s most valuable assets. Put down the iPhone and get professional photography. 

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