Adding Music

1. Once logged in to the backend property editor, your properties VMD has created for you will be on the left side bar.
- If you are not on the property you would like, you can click on the property you want to go to.
- If you do not see this at first, click on Manage Properties and it will bring you to your properties.

2. On the right side you will see Edit Property. Use the drop down menu and click the Music tab.

3. Once in the music view, you can upload your own music or choose from the library of music provided.

4. If you decide to add your own music, click Upload Music and follow the prompts for track title, track description and to upload the music.  When you are done click Upload Music at the bottom of the box.

5. Your music that you uploaded will show in the “My Music” tab

6. If you choose to select from the library of music provided. You can click the play button next to each selection to hear what they sound like.  Once you find one you like, click Add on the right side next to the selection.

7. The current track will show at the top.

8. If you have chosen music and want to change it you can click Remove under Current Track.

9. Lastly, if you made any changes, always make sure to save at the top when you are done.
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