Photo Renderings

What material do you need in order to complete the renderings?

It is best to provide us with CAD files of the area that you would want rendered. If you can’t obtain the CAD files then just a floor plan would be fine. For exterior renderings we would need elevation plans that show the basic schematics of the home.
Additionally, we need all the specs that are going to be inside the space that you would like to have rendered. Color of walls, style of furniture, types of moldings, appliances, countertops, and any additional information that would be inside the 3D perspective. It is important to get as detailed as possible so we can make sure that we are accurate with the first draft of your renderings.

How would you like me to send the material to you?

Please make sure you upload all of the materials to our dashboard and within the project order.
It is important that you make all of your comments inside the dashboard so we can have everything documented. If you have multiple parties involved in the process, then simply generate a link to the project and share it with your clients. This will allow your clients (builder/ developer) to make their specifications for the renderings with ease.

What is the turnaround time for the renderings?

Please allow 5 business days for your renderings to be completed. The process will start once you approve the scope of the project.

Am I allowed to make revisions to the renderings?

Absolutely! We allow up to two revisions per project. All additional revisions will require a fee and approval from the client before we take action. Revisions must be documented on the dashboard. You will receive your revised rendering within 1-2 business days.